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Technician Makeover Contest: Part 2

Frida Khalo, Rihanna, and fall fashion’s biggest trends – such as coloring blocking and the bold reds we see in now – served as inspiration for the three teams featured below. (For more details on the contest and judging criteria, see “Part 1.”)

Team 1 – Aneesa/Roman

Colorist: Aneesa Dial
Stylist: Roman Kusayev

Model: Amy

(Inspiration) This season’s bold trends in fashion and beauty. We thought about color blocking and incorporated it with fall’s biggest color this year – red.

(Before) Amy had solid black hair color with a grown out pixie cut that hadn’t been cut for a year!

(After) Amy now has a shorter, clean cut. About 4 inches of length was taken off from the back to join it with the front for a sexy bob cut. Deep, cherry red highlights were playfully placed in hair, with the red mostly underneath. Depending on where Amy parts her hair, the look can be conservative with less red on one side or more fun when parted the other way.

Team 2 – Nerik/Angie

Colorist: Nerik Ilyayev
Stylist: Angie Hookumchand

Model: Ania

(Inspiration) We were going for Rihanna’s flirty rock ‘n roll look – with her iconic red hair and short edgy hair style. Among all other colors, red is always statement-making and stands out the most. It says, “Look at me! I’m red and I’m confident!”

(Before) Ania had light brown hair with a one length cut. Her long length covered a section of her hair that had been buzzed off and buried underneath.

(After) Now she’s got an asymmetrical haircut which is short and buzzed on one side, but longer on the other. We chose a beautiful, rich red that could pass for a natural look – but was also bold and daring. The fun color makes the asymmetrical look very easy to wear. Ania loved the drastic, creative look we went for!

Team 3 – Tammy/Margaux

Colorist: Tammy Kopie
Stylist: Margaux Martinez

Model: Sara (redhead)
April (brunette)

(Inspiration) Frida Khalo and the play on masculine and feminine. Also, the inspiring colors of Mexican art.

(Before) Sara: Long, natural red hair that had never been colored, which was almost all one length. Sara was totally open to a new look and gave us no parameters to work within, making her a “dream makeover!”

April: We wanted to go for a big color change with April, and a more subtle styling change. She had been coloring her hair very dark, and with the thickness of her hair combined with the dark hair color, there was no variation in tone.

(After) Sara: Her natural red hair was starting to lose its vibrancy. We enhanced her natural color, giving it back some luster for a more vibrant tone. Her big change was in the length, where we gave her bangs and a shoulder length cut.

April: The color change was drastic – we lightened her hair about 3 shades, bringing it softer in color and more auburn. April wanted to keep her long hair, so a slight change in the way her bangs fell with more layering in her hair now gives it more movement.