Choosing Health with Tata Harper Skincare

Lately we’ve been feeling the love from W Magazine – yet again, we’re thrilled to be featured on their “Most Wanted” list. Managing Editor Regan Solmo was asked to share her beauty secrets, people, places, and products that W readers should know about – and Regan, of course an expert in all things beauty related, was kind enough to recommend the Butterfly Studio Salon Facial, using Tata Harper organic skincare products. We at Butterfly Studio Salon have always been dedicated to the environment, as well as the health of our customers, and we’re ecstatic to be thought of so highly!

Founded on the idea that women no longer have to sacrifice their health to look and feel beautiful, Tata Harper’s products have been gaining a whirlwind of attention lately – recently,, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Oprah have all taken notice of Harper’s skincare line, and you should believe the hype. Her skincare line is 100-percent natural, which means no harmful toxins. 20 percent of the ingredients used are grown in her very own floral and herb beds on her organically certified 1,200 acre farm in Vermont, while the rest are imported from organic, sustainable farms in the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and the Amazon. With its unique texture, the natural ingredients in the products are almost tangible, and unlike most skincare products I’ve used in the past.

And though she emphasizes consumer health, it’s important to note that Harper also focuses on eco-friendly production. She minimizes the use of plastic packaging, uses treeless labels, and buys her electricity from sustainable sources.

I found that the Tata Harper philosophy was ideal for Butterfly, so we’re now offering three different services that include Tata Harper’s products: The 30 minute Tata Harper Express Rejuvenating Facial, the 75 minute Butterfly Signature Skin and Hair Renewal Treatment, and the one hour Tata Harper Signature Facial. As an added touch, we have a customized music playlist for the customer to choose from, as well as a choice of three different kinds of aroma oils to create the perfect setting.

As for myself, after using Harper’s products for the last few months, my skin felt soft, silky, and smooth – and the fresh, floral scent that accompanied my newly rejuvenated skin was an added plus. But perhaps most importantly, not only did I feel great about the freshness and radiance of my skin, I felt secure knowing that I was making a health conscious choice in using Tata Harper’s products.