Golden Globes: Tammy's Favorite Celebrity Hair Color

Butterfly Studio senior colorist, Tammy Kopie, on her favorite celebrity hair color seen on the red carpet of this year’s golden globes.

Pale Blondes: Tilda Swinton & Evan Rachel Wood

From the cover of W magazine to current beauty and fashion editorials, pale shades of solid color blonde are trending. Tilda Swinton and Evan Rachel Wood both worked the ultra-blonde style with a short, modern haircut – giving retro glamour a fresh take at the golden globes. The stunning look, worn slicked back on Evan and tousled on Tilda, shows that the versatility of this platinum tone pulled together with a sophisticated cut can be styled to make women of all ages look fashion forward.

Back to Red Again: Nicole Kidman

I was so glad to see that Nicole Kidman’s hair color was no longer so blonde. The change to a beautiful strawberry shade suggests that she is slowly going back to her iconic light red hair – which I love! Since Nicole’s makeup was on the natural side, her hair color worked as the best accessory to the embellishments on her perfectly fitted gown. With Evan Rachel Wood recently going from a classic red to the blonde you now see on her, and Nicole going back to red from blonde – it shows just how many fair-skinned women look great with both tones of hair color. Making blondes red is one of my absolute favorite color processes!