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Butterfly Bang Bar on Good Morning America!

Bang Bar Transformation: Good Morning America host Linsey Davis!

“Linsey has great features and a very pretty face so the faux bangs only bring out her beautiful eyes. The sexy look gives her style a playfulness. We went for bangs that were longer and a bit side swept for a softer shape and a better angle for her haircut’s length and her hair texture. Bangs over to one side really compliment a face shape like Linsey’s and soften a higher forehead. I wouldn’t recommend a blunt bang because the trendy look would be too specific…Linsey would need a bang with versatility if she were to go for it with an actual bang trim. Real bangs require daily maintanance so I would only cut them if she was ready to commit to styling them every day. For the bangs to look best on her texture, she would wash just her bangs (not all of her hair) every morning so they always look fresh and blow dry them with a round brush for shine.” – Master Stylist, Kattia Solano

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