Oribe Style – Amping Up the French Twist Updo

At Oribe’s last amazing styling class, we learned about how to turn up the volume on the traditional updo staple, the french twist. Workshop master stylists Marco and Leo began with the basics of setting and curling the hair. Then, it was all about the art of backcombing – and oh, did we “tease, tease, tease!” Butterfly stylist Jennifer Penny’s photographed look is featured here – a mohawk with the french twist incorporated in the back. This pairing gives it a really cool contrast between classic and rock and roll. To get bigger and better hair with serious styling power, she used Oribe “Maximista” thickening spray for hair texture – plus “Superfine” hairspray to hold the tease in place and help give the look a slick, smooth surface.

With the right products, you really don’t have to be a pro to achieve a french twist inspired style at home. Start with trying out a very casual, messy look that includes the twist. A vital yet easy product to start with is “Dry” texturizing spray by Oribe. (We like to say that it does the work for you!) Spray your mane generously, easily gather the hair, twist it around, pin it, then mess it up – or leave the ends out to make it more whimsical and modern. Have fun with your look, remembering the demand of today’s effortless trends – hair doesn’t have to be perfect anymore!

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