"BANG COMMANDMENTS" from the Butterfly Bang Bar Experts!

Butterfly Bang Commandments

Shape & Texture.

Hair type should be the first thing to consider when picking your bang’s shape. For instance, a blunt bang may not be a good choice for someone with superfine hair. This bold style is meant to be worn heavy, so it’s harder for a thin hair texture to support. Those with a low forehead or square face type should also avoid the geometric shape of a straight across bang, as it may add to the squareness or wide appearance of the face. If you’re a daring, go-for-it kind of girl, a fun way to wear the blunt style is to go super short with baby bangs or try an asymmetrical bang. Half moon bangs are more versatile in style and suits almost everyone. The grown-out, longer on the sides look is flattering for most face shapes and works well with different hair textures. This kind of bang should hit around the brows for that wispy, sexy Brigitte Bardot inspired shape. If you’re not ready to commit to a one style, try a flowy side bang as your introduction to fringe. Sideswept bangs have the most movement and can be long, short, full or layered. They’re flirty, fantastic for round face shapes, and require less overall maintenance.

No “half-way” bangs.
One of the biggest mistakes to make is to only half-commit to a bang look. If hair isn’t cut far back enough on the head, what you’ll end up with are “see-through” bangs. If you can relate to a bad bang experience, it’s probably because your bangs were not cut thick enough. To get the results that inspired the idea in the first place, you’ll need more weight to your bangs. Go all in! Trust your stylist on where to start your fringe and be confident about the change – that way, your technician won’t hold back either! Consider bringing in a few photos of the kind of bangs you’re loving to make sure you’re both on the same page.

NEVER cut your own bangs. And we mean never! Always leave it to the professionals, even if you are “just trimming.” There’s so much more that goes into executing a bang than you may think! Bangs should be well-blended into a haircut, correctly fit and framed to the shape of your face, and have the right texture. If you’re a DIY kind of girl, we say skip the scissors and stick to the styling tutorials. We see too many cases of attempts gone wrong and damage only a grow out can fix. Something we all can agree on… a misshaped fringe tops the “worst of the worst” list!