“BANG COMMANDMENTS” from the Butterfly Bang Bar Experts!

Skip the Botox.

Time to get on the bangs-wagon… A fringe is fitting for women of all ages! If you’re looking for a fashion forward and modern change fast, a bang is the perfect solution for reinventing yourself. A younger look without the needle, bangs are a quick fix to hide fine lines and camouflage wrinkles on the forehead. If you consider this aging zone problematic, bangs offer a fuss-free way to easily disguise it. Overall, bangs give the effect of a face-lift by instantly adding a youthful appearance – plus it’s much cheaper, and safer than plastic surgery!

Fresh bangs – always!

When you have bangs, one of the most essential tips to follow is to keep them clean. Wash your bangs and blow dry them daily. Fresh bangs will always be the most shiny! Just like washing your face, make cleansing your bangs a part of your morning regimen – even if you don’t typically wash your hair everyday. Bangs look better with a bit of volume and lift, so make sure they are not weighed down. Except for hairspray, it’s best to keep bangs naked and avoid putting hair product directly on your fringe. If you’ve accidentally applied or over-applied product – or over-styled with heat tools – just turn to your sink and rewash your bangs. For on-the-go emergencies, we recommend keeping a texturizing spray or dry shampoo like Shu Uemura’s Volume Maker in your bag to combat flat or separating bangs. If your forehead tends to be greasy, we like use the Volume Maker powder as a preventative measure to protect the bang style.

Maintain your bang length.

We all know that keeping a fringe foxy requires commitment. Between haircuts, it’s important to keep your bangs freshly trimmed. You should only be scheduling one bang trim between your cut appointments – any longer means it’s time for a salon visit. It’s also a good way to stay on track for maintaining healthy hair, especially if you’re goal is to grow your lengths longer. At Butterfly, we believe in offering our clients a complimentary bang trim, ensuring that the style of their haircut looks just as good as it did on their last visit! After all, it’s our work you’re showing off…we want you to look your best!

Color-treating Bangs.

Bangs and hair color? An amazing duo for a transformative new look that brings the best out of your facial features…especially the eyes! To better accent your color service, keep this in mind. When you’re going for it with a fresh set of bangs, Butterfly master color artist Min Kim suggests getting the bangs cut first – that way, your colorist can strategically place a few highlights in your fringe. It’s best to keep the highlights natural and tone-on-tone, or be playful by making a couple of pieces slightly brighter. Blunt bang styles leave more room to be a bit more edgy and contrasty with color. You can incorporate paneling by doing a darker color underneath or reversed with a pop of color (or two) on top. If you’re in love with the idea of a brilliant single process color all over, adding bangs will completely magnify the beautiful shade.