Beauty Benefits: Daily Fresh Green Juice

We’re firm believers of the saying, “you are what you eat.” Consider, for example, that your hair grows naturally from the inside out – making what you put in your body (and lack thereof) very important. Can unhealthy hair growth be a result of an unbalanced diet and poor food decisions? Absolutely. That’s why we swear by drinking a green juice every day! We’ve made adding in a fresh green juice as much of a daily habit as applying hair conditioner after we shampoo…

To promote the best skin and healthiest hair and nails possible, it’s just as beneficial to “go green” in your diet as it is to use the right products. Aim for all organic ingredients to get the most out of your elixir combination of choice. We love cold-pressed juice options like those from Organic Avenue and Blue Print Cleanse for optimizing our intake of fresh nutrients (because their method of juicing doesn’t cook the good stuff)! Start with one a day to upgrade your regular meal plan and you’ll see and feel the boost in your health and beauty.

Butterfly’s founder & master stylist Kattia Solano says:

Healthy diet, healthy hair – so eat natural and choose nutrition! I make sure I drink at least one organic fresh (or cold-pressed) all green juice every single day to get all the perks and nutrients at full potential from veggies like cucumber, kale, spinach, and other dark greens. In my hometown of Costa Rica, we have a plentiful range of fruits and plants naturally available for the benefit of our skin and hair. We always drink many fresh juices (especially green) and make our own tea blends in order to detoxify, keep our complexions clear and bright, and our hair strong. And always – we add in a teaspoon of honey!

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