Beauty Benefits: The Cherry On Top

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away – but how much is the apple doing for your skin and hair? Although balance and variety are both key, making cherries a daily part of your diet might just do more for you than you think!

With the new year finally here, we’ve all got a fresh start and bettering ourselves in mind. Butterfly’s skin expert and makeup artist Cristina Marroquin tells us she’s been recommending that her clients eat more cherries in 2014. She says that cherries and the importance of their benefits might not be talked about enough. For example, did you know this small, sweet snack is known to be a “super fruit” for maintaining beauty and great health? As an esthetician, Cristina stresses that this skin rejuvenating food really does its part in attaining (and keeping) a fresher, smoother complexion. Long term, cherries also help fight aging – and even disease!

If you’re set on that healthy beginning, read on to find out why we’ll be adding more cherry into our meals and drinks – and how to use cherries in a homemade skin mask!

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