Creating Undone, Unfussy Hair Texture

If your hair would make someone think twice about how much time (if any) you’d spent getting ready, then you’re probably wearing the new tousled wave! Taking a look at the models from Emilio Pucci’s runway show, the hairstyle we’re seeing now is not quite “bedhead” or “beach waves.” We like to call this trending texture “done-undone” – and it’s a new brand of sexy hair. The trick in styling the look is being random and imprecise because it gets more gorgeous from the imperfections – leaving room for embracing any mistakes! To create the right kind of unfussy waves, we love using a few of our product faves from Kérastase’s Couture line.



Prep damp hair with a product that protects from heat and helps support your style, like Forme Fatale blow dry gel. Using your hands, scrunch hair as you blow dry to create a rough foundation with structure and hold. Or, start on next day dry hair.

Take 2-4 inch sections of hair and mist with Spray a Porter – a product that mimics beachy hair texture and helps to enhance waves. Twist each section and knot into a pretzel-like shape, making a loop in the middle of the hair strand and pulling the ends through. Spray again. Use a flat iron and press flatly on knot. Pinch motion with iron down the rest of the hair shaft. Move on to next section and repeat throughout head, allowing knotted strands to cool before breaking up the hair.

Release each knot. Spray hair generously with a texture spray/dry shampoo (we really love the gentle and soft results from Powder Bluff) and break up the wave. Texturize by taking hair sections between hands – rubbing and rouging lengths with your fingers from the bottom up to create a roughness to your style. Spray again and repeat until you’ve reached desired tousle. Finish with hairspray. For those of you that like to do your hair the night before, you can forgo the flat iron after you’ve created knots and sleep on a loose side ponytail or tie hair back overnight then break up the hair in the AM.

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