Golden Globes 2013: Best Dressed & Makeup Tips

Jessica. Jodie. Jennifer. Our opinion is that these “Three Js” got it right from head to toe! Representing different ages and styles of women, we go into why we loved their looks – plus on demand makeup tips and product recommendations by Butterfly makeup artist extraordinaire, Francesca Roman!

Our Favorite TOP 3!

Jennifer Lawrence
Our vote for best overall look is in for the lovely Jennifer Lawrence as we are rooting for the underdog! We feel she nailed the fine line between classic elegance and on-trend modern. From afar, the look is all about simplicity – a traditionally draped Dior gown in a red-pink hue, hair away from the face, a clean face of makeup – but after taking a closer look, we noticed little surprises like the thoughtfully corseted details at the top of her dress that really charmed us! Because all memorable looks should have an element of surprise, the addition of a reflective metallic belt brought major cool factor to her look. We LOVED the choice of a messy updo – turning “undone” and “not too polished” into an appearance with youthful, flirty sex appeal!

Her standout makeup feature was definitely her fresh face. When we turned to our Francis for tips, she couldn’t stop talking about Kevyn Aucoin’s Liquid Airbrush Foundation. She says its mattifying power, semi-satin finish, and perfect level of coverage is why she is absolutely OBSESSED! Jennifer’s skintone would fall between a level 05 and 07 shade, FYI. So how do we we get our faces flawless? “It’s as much about the little details as the lining of her dress,” she says. “The trick is to go over with pressed powder using a large powder brush,” to cover every pore for a lasting, even complexion. Softness is harder to achieve with a pencil, so make sure to lightly fill in your eyebrows using dark shadow or powder. Add a bronze or metallic evening eye, and done!

Jodie Foster
Jodie’s look for us was ALL about the hair! It takes a strong woman to wear this kind of haircut, and between the smoldering eye makeup and sparkle of her navy gown, she just looked super current and on target. Overall, so age appropriate yet edgy. Onto the haircut….can we say, perfect length? So perfect. It wouldn’t surprise us if she refreshed her strands just before the show because the cut falls in exactly the right spot on her jawline, defining and shaping her face in the most flattering way! Normally, we wouldn’t recommend that blue-eyed gals go for blue shadow, but the smoky, deep hue was customized in just the right way to make the color of her eyes stand out even more. To achieve this, try blending two cool palettes in similar tones – choosing a basic matte shadow and a metallic/sparkling shade. Francesca recommends using Kevyn Aucoin’s #206 “blackened blue & taupe” shimmer shadow with matte duo “fog/cool smoke” in #203 for recreating Jodie’s chic eye makeup.

Jessica Alba Does this always-ultra-glamorous Mom ever get it wrong? From her soft waves to her color choices, Jessica Alba’s ensemble was delightfully well put together. She looked effortlessly stunning and just simply feminine and pretty. Turns out Jennifer Lopez (yet another J!) sported a similar hair style that night, but we think Jessica’s more romantic curls offered a touchable kind of beauty. With a minimal sweep of peach blush to match her dress, the importance of makeup here is all “lips & eyes.” Where Jennifer and Jodie wore natural toned pink, beigy lips…we loved that Jessica really went for it with a striking, juicy tangerine. We all know that bold color requires some wearing maintenance, that’s why Francis offers the essential move of layering lip liner. For Jessica’s orange lip, pucker up with a layer of deep yet bright “Red” liner by Kevyn Aucoin all over the lip, a layer of “Timeless” coral matte lip color, and a final touch of “Red” on top as the final step. As for the eyes…lashes, lashes, lashes! Go for voluminous falsies that flare out like fireworks and specifically, a curling mascara. Choose a black shade, but avoid jet black to keep the makeup look soft.