Retro Style – Great Gatsby Hair

We always love a good rendition of a fabulous 20′s hairstyle for an event or wedding! For the look, you’ll need to curl your entire head (no particular sections) just to get a good amount of curl in there as your base. Section out the entire top of your hair – temple to temple and back to the crown. Starting on the sides – in front of the ear – take a small ponytail section and twist the curls around and pin it. The next ponytail is right behind the ear, again bunch up the curls and pin it. The third ponytail goes at the nape, bunch up the curls and pin it. Now create the same 3 ponytails on the other side of the head. This should look like a very short curly bob when all the ponytails are in and pinned.

Take down your top section and put on your choice of headband. If you can’t find the right accessory, you can even use an old belt, necklace, or bracelet! Beginning on the sides, start to roll the hair around the band and pin. This will incorporate the bottom and the top of the up style together. Take a hint from the amazing Francis (Butterfly’s makeup expert) and add some defining blush, a strong black eyeliner, faux lashes, and bright bold red lips to look and feel like the bee’s knees!

article_image_1 great-gatsby-20s-hair-nicole-descoteaux
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