Headscarf Inspired Hair Color & Styling on New York Live!

In this New York Live feature, salon founder & Butterfly master stylist Kattia Solano shows Lilliana Vasquez the many ways you can make a headscarf your new favorite hair styling accessory! Braids, knots, and even a “headband” of highlights inspired by the placement of a headscarf. . .

Ponytails are always popular around this time of your for a low maintenance, pulled together look that can be dressed up or down. You already love the idea of wearing a noncommittal clip-in bang so we thought we’d offer the option to add a faux ponytail as an accessory for the night, too! Faux ponytails are an easy way to achieve that perfect fishtail or ponytail you have your eyes set on but don’t necessarily have the length or texture for. We customize ponytails with an expert cut and a style (wavy or straight), and highly recommend adding them in for an updo to keep structure in the hair and get the most out of any look. For a full transformation in one appointment, try a dry styling session and get that braid, ponytail, knot, or twist you’ve had your eye on. Amp it up by adding a matching bang, more lengths, a headscarf, or a mix of it all for a whole new you in minutes!

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