How To: Applying a Fake Ponytail

Secure & wrap your ponytail extention

We’re not surprised that faux ponytails have become so popular. A fake pony has always been a beauty secret of the pros, and we believe every woman should consider embracing one! They come to the rescue on bad hair days and give you more options for bringing out that fab individual style of yours. Besides, who doesn’t like the feeling of longer, thicker hair – even for just a few hours!? Use it as a fashion accessory, a lengthy extention for short haircuts, adding thickness for finer hair types, and even for extra support to keep an updo lasting… They can be just the thing your hair needs to achieve that look you’ve had your eyes on. With Butterfly’s selection of synthetic ponytails, we first match your hair color from a wide range of shades and then customize your pony’s length and texture with an expert cut! Hot tools on low heat can be applied to set the fake strands, creating a sleek pony or bouncy lengths with a curl/wave. Our high quality styles can support going back and forth between both and can last for months with proper care. With so many ways to adjust and play, the attaching piece can feel and look tailor-made for you on any occasion. It’s just another way to help make styling at home very simple – and can be applied in just a few easy steps.

1 After matching your color (we recommend a consultation with an expert stylist or colorist to start) create a tight pony on your own hair, making sure to collect the hair well and apply with a band.

2 Secure the comb attached to your faux ponytail right on top of your real ponytail.

3 Wrap the velcro tightly (this is important) around the base of the pony.

4 Continue to wrap around base until you are left with just the ends and secure with a bobby pin.

5 You’re ready to wear your beautiful, full, long length pony! You can also play with your lengths by braiding, separating into knot sections with small elastics, or using a curling iron on the ends to create more texture or party waves (safe to use with low heat irons, both round and flat). Use the thickness of your extention to your advantage and create full buns/knots, twists, fishtails, etc. The extra hair works as a foundation for hold, keeping the style in tact while giving that picture perfect result. Go ahead and try an online hair tutorial, because now you’ve got the hair for it!

6 (optional) For something different, really transform your look by adding in a faux bang or incorporate a ponytail accessory (like a fun headscarf or chic hair cuff) for the full effect!