How To: Fusio-Dose Homelab

When people ask us what the secret is for having perfect hair, we say it all boils down to one thing – and one thing only. Getting hair HEALTHY! At Butterfly Studio, we swear by deep conditioning treatments like Fusio-Dose by Kérastase. From keeping color radiant and shine brilliant to strengthening sensitized ends and repairing damaged lengths – or hydrating dry, thirsty hair with rejuvenating nourishment, even adding body and density to fine, limp, or gray hair – these tailor-made miracle viles are simple weapons for giving hair LIFE, instantly!

(1) TOWEL DRY BEFORE TREATING. That goes for ANY conditioner/masque/treatment. It’s so important to take out excess water from the hair after you shampoo as to not waste your product investment. Otherwise, the product will literally roll off! The ingredients cannot penetrate and deposit their benefits onto the hair when it’s already saturated.

(2) SECTION. To ensure even distribution, you must work in sections. Part hair straight down the middle, splitting in two equal parts to start. From each side, take approximately one-inch sections of hair, creating one by one sections as you apply the spray treatment throughout your head.

(3) THE WAY TO SPRAY. It’s best to begin spraying about 3 inches down from the top of your root/scalp – unless there’s a specific problem area (breakage, frizzy spots, etc) on which you may spray directly. Depending on your hair length, spray each section 2-3 times, working your way down. Longer hair will need the extra spray!

(4) SCISSOR. To get the best results, take your time to use the scissoring technique. After spraying, work each section in between two fingers, using a scissor-motion down to the hair ends. The natural heat of your fingers literally activates your treatment!

(5) KEEP TRACK. Follow with spray-and-scissor motion and flip each hair section over to the opposite side when done. This helps with pacing so you won’t get lost within sections or have hair falling all over the place. It makes maneuvering through hair from one side of the head to the other a lot easier.

(6) FINISHING TOUCHES. Once you’ve worked your way down to an empty treatment bottle, you can use a wide-tooth comb to brush out your hair. If you have any treatment liquid remaining, you can unscrew and apply the concentrate directly onto your ends. Use a cool water rinse (it’s worth the chill!) to seal in the hair cuticle for instantly soft and shiny results!