Nicole Descoteaux’s Tips for Styling a 20’s Hairdo

If you’re hitting that Great Gatsby themed party, feeling inspired by the styles seen on Downton Abbey or Boardwalk Empire, or have always just wanted to try a flapper girl look for your next date or event… Butterfly educator and senior stylist Nicole Descoteaux gives her DIY tips for achieving a simple 1920’s hairdo at home, to help you get all dolled up in no time!

Decide which side you prefer to section and separate hair to create a strong part. Starting horizontally, curl your hair – curling the hair under. To create more of that classic twenties finger wave look, make sure all of the curls are on a horizontal line. Pay close attention to your technique, seeing that it follows a curl direction that’s going under. You’ll need to clip each section immediately after it is curled to set the hair. For perfect waves, it’s best to use as small of a curling iron as possible and work with smaller hair sections sized accordingly to fit your iron choice.

After the entire head is curled, take your setting clips out and softly brush through your hair. This breaks up your curls, creates volume, and blends the hair into that ideal wave style throughout. If you want bigger hair, you can always lift hair sections and tease after brushing out. Then you’re ready to start styling your playful updo, which can take the shape of a faux bob. Separate hair into three sections. Make a “V” section – section out the sides, leaving the center part of the “V” out. Start rolling the sides back and pin. Continue this from front to back then do the other side. Drop the center part of the “V” out. Roll and pin to create a style you like and finish with a hair accessory. There’s so much creative wiggle room with rolling and pinning, so it’s such a great, easy way to do your own hair anytime you have a special occasion to get dressed up for!

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