Kattia Solano on Travel Hair Essentials

Tools and Accessories

Always take with you a flat brush that you can use on wet or dry hair. My pick would be a high quality mason person. It’s nice and gentle so you can use it in the shower to brush out and detangle hair. It’s fantastic for giving the right amount of tension to smooth out the hair cuticle for straighter blow dried looks or before using a flat iron to keep hair lasting. It’s great to use for touch ups if there is hair that needs taming along the way.

Hair ties – we all love them and you can never have enough of them! Create a high ponytail at the very top of your head before bed to preserve your hairstyle or secure a casual side braid or ponytail with one when you’re on the go. Make sure it’s not too tight and look for a variety that doesn’t leave marks in the hair. Use your hair tie to create a top knot for fuss-free all day wear, but make sure it doesn’t show. I like wrapping extra hair around where the tie sits and then tucking the ends in to disguise what’s keeping the look together.

Chopsticks are just as easy and gentle to use – and also adorable with a top knot or deconstructed bun on the side or back of the head. You may use just one or two, it’s up to you. I feel it can be seen as one of the most underrated accessories not commonly used but they’re just amazing to pick up hair with. Secure your hair with one before you shower or while you clean you face.

Throw a headscarf into your daily style and hairdo. A scarf gives a little spice to your outfit and encourages a low maintenance hair look (and saves on days you just can’t do your hair). One of the best things about a hair scarf is it protects from sun exposure and thus, color from fading. It’s an absolute must for single process clients, redheads, and those with weakened hair. A scarf accessory used in the right way can hide and help all!

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