NEW Kevyn Aucoin Mascara You Have To Try

Get iconic lashes with our fave new mascara - just launched September 15th!
Apply one coat starting at the base of the lash wiggling your way to the tips.
One application is perfect, two if you dare to be dramatic.


The Essential Mascara delivers seductively glamorous lashes you’ve always wanted! This plush, multifunctional mascara delivers the look of two coats of mascara in one easy application. Defining, dramatically lengthening and curling.


•The rich cream formula contains microspheres of Black Cellulo Beads that enhance the depth of the black pigment for the blackest black to achieve the perfectly defined eye.

•This innovative formula contains ultra-soft flexible fibers that are sensually smooth, lightweight and melt into every lash. The custom crescent shaped mascara brush applies the formula generously without touching the lid or clumping the lashes.

•The curved shape allows a precise application, lifting the lash from the base, and makes curling an instinctive reaction.


Must-have! We didn’t think Kevyn Aucoin mascara could get any better but this wand is perfection! For those of you opting for more of the false, fluttery lash look – each and every lash is coated, plumped, and defined for eyes that will not go unnoticed!