Get the Look: Sparkle Smokey Eye

(via Hey Hey Gorgeous)

This metallic sparkle smokey eye look is the perfect blend of dramatic and fun for a sexy night out. It’s a classic look for any black tie event or dressy occasion, and definitely a go-to look for me when I’m wearing all black or rocking a red or wine colored dress. To get this smoldering hot look, you’ll want your eyes to stand out and your lips on the subdued side. While a professional makeup artist will definitely nail this look for you, there are ways to achieve this sexy feel at home!



1. Black liner – I love Revlon’s ColorStay eyeliner, it literally stays all night.

2. Covergirl Lash Blast volume mascara – This is my favorite product for a thick and heavy look.

3. Individual faux lashes – These have a much more controlled look and are easier to apply than strips.

4. Kevin Aucoin Brow pencil – My daily obsession! Always remember to define your brows when going for striking eyes.

5. Eye shadow – The essential shadows are a dark metallic grey/slate, a sparkly white, and a matte highlighter in an off white shade. To add a pop, use a matte grey/plum color. I love any of these shade hues by MAC or Nars – they’re super intense and highly pigmented.



1. First start by applying the metallic grey on the bottom lid and under the eye with a brush. Shade and blend. Then on the eye crease, apply the matte grey/plum color for contouring, keeping in mind a cat eye shape. Next, highlight the area under the brow by applying the matte white shadow. Blend everything with a brush.

2. Apply your eye liner, starting with the inside of your eye, as well as on the top and bottom lid. Blend and smudge gently to soften up the lines, using a small liner brush, your finger, or cotton swab. Some liners even come with a foam applicator on one end for this reason.

3. The last shadow to put on is your sparkly white shade, right in the corner of the eye, which opens up the eye. Make sure you don’t skip this step, it makes a huge difference!

4. Apply your mascara heavily – about two coats. Then apply a few individuals lashes from the middle of the eye to the outside corners. Think cat eyes a la Audrey Hepburn!

5. Finally, brush and shape your brows, giving them more definition than you would during the day. With a heavy eye, you can have a bit more defined brow. I love Kevyn Aucoin’s firm pencil with a brush on the end. It tones down your shading for a softer look with a natural finish.

6. Most importantly, anytime you’re going for a smokey eye, apply your eye make up prior to the rest of your face to avoid a mess. After finishing the eye area, take a wet foam sponge or makeup wipe to remove any flaky eye shadow bits, which may have fallen on unwanted areas of the skin. Then apply your base foundation and under eye concealer before finishing up the rest of your makeup as desired.