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Going with a more fashion forward, edgy look doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice being glamorous or feminine. Take a hint from Butterfly master stylist (and salon founder) Kattia Solano who created an amazing 80′s rocker inspired fauxhawk ponytail braid on the fabulous Allison Sarofim for 2013′s punk themed Met Gala Ball. Best hair-of-the-night award, anyone? We think so! Here are Kattia’s how-to hair tips for rocking a similar look!

Start at the top of your head – take a “V” shaped section of hair and set with a small curling iron. On the sides, braid hair moving toward the back of the head. Start with less hair in smaller, finer sections at the root area while gradually taking more hair between your fingers as you braid your way through to hair’s ends. The narrow to wide effect is more flattering around the sides of the head and gives a more polished, elegant look. Secure each braid in the back and spray. The most important thing to consider is to make sure the braid is tight! Go back to your top section, take out your set, and TEASE! Softly brush teased section of hair back, adjusting the amount of height to your personal preference. Tuck the middle section into where your braids are secured, connecting the two. Add additional pins and spray as desired. For more drama – that means length, volume, fullness, and even color – use extensions or add in a single piece attachment like a faux pony or braid (now available at the Butterfly Bang Bar turned STYLE BAR). For a pop of color without any extra accessories, try a hair chalking technique on a few strands, let dry and style.

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