The Pageboy – Fall 2013’s Edgy & Editorial Haircut

Top: Ad for CÉLINE
Bottom: Karen O & Dorothy Hamill

While women have been requesting the “Michelle Williams” or “Nicole Kidman” makeover left and right, the “Pageboy” is currently another one of our favorite shapes to try for fall. This is a change that’s gorgeous for any rich shade of hair color.
The English inspired haircut is very editorial – a perfectly fashion forward fit with all the leather looks and edgy, 90’s grunge trends we’re seeing in store fronts. It’s a fun alternative to a long bob for anyone looking to make a powerful statement – one that can also translate to soft and feminine with the right outfit coordinating (Hello, do you see those boots?!). Be ready to get noticed because when the cut is done right, it really allows for your facial features to shine! Complimenting pretty eyes, perfect cheeks, and killer jaw lines alike, this hairstyle is for all the women out there who both adored and wanted to be Dorothy Hamill (wasn’t she just the coolest?). Or for those of you hoping to channel the sexy, fiery energy of modern day rocker Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – a fashion risk taker who has made the hairdo iconic over the years through slightly different varieties and bold personal style with which she’s sported the look. Take a hint from the glossy pages we’re seeing for CÉLINE’s new line and pair accordingly with a soft but powerful ensemble to never fear uttering the words “bowl haircut” again!