On Trend This Winter – The Pixie Crop

If you’re calling it the Michelle Williams, the “J-Law,” Beyonce’s two minute hair moment – or have named it after any of the other countless celebrities rocking the pixie right now – then you know it’s absolutely THE haircut to kick off 2014 with! We saw shorter hair rule the fall with lobs and bobs, but hair trends have gone even more short and fearless this winter with the pixie crop. We’ve even seen the style transform some of our own! So, what does it take to manage the iconic look that was originally made popular by Twiggy? We talked to Butterfly stylist Dana Tizzio, who executed the sexy chop pictured here, about the things to consider before going for the pixie.

“If you feel like your hair never does anything you want it to, this is a great time to start thinking about a cut.” However, “The pixie isn’t the type of style that allows you to just wake up and go,” she says. Surpisingly, you’ll have to spend some time styling it each day – with tweaks throughout the day. “Using product is a must! To get that specific look, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the right kind – and understand how and when to apply it.”

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