Kelly Finneran on Winter/2014 Hair Trends

Are there any hair trends you would say are “out”?

Shaving one side of the head is over! We’re back to soft looks which are reading very feminine. If you still want to try the trend, the new way to recreate the shaved-on-one-side look is by slicking one side of the hair with a smoothing, high shine product like a serum or gel and brushing back. You can even braid or twist that section of the hair and secure/pin under lengths on the other side. You’ll achieve the same effect for the night without the commitment – or the pains of the growout process (yes, it’s a major headache). I love to pair with a Veronica Lake inspired set for something more smooth and elegant or a side braid/ponytail for a more effortless, casual look. The biggest thing to remember is to not make hair too perfect – that includes curls and waves – so go ahead and embrace some of those wispy flyaways!

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