Kelly Finneran on Winter/2014 Hair Trends

What are your favorite hair trends right now?

There’s a newfound sophistication that’s brought back to hair that I’m loving. Enhance your color by embracing a deeper and richer hair hue. Rich, slightly darker hair color gives you a sexy change plus lots of shine – it really helps to pep your look up with that “power-woman” boost. On that note, I love that blow drys and styling are also going back to looks that evoke the words: classic, simple, and sophisticated. We’re seeing less noticeable waves, moving away from the Kim Kardashian and going into the territory of Charlotte from Sex & the City. Curls and waves are more dragged out, leaving hair smooth – yet there is still movement with your desired amount of volume. Think of the “hair commercial blow out -” you know, like Pantene Pro-V! I like to call it “The CEO” blow dry!

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