Kelly Finneran on Winter/2014 Hair Trends

Should we take care of our hair any differently as the weather gets colder?

Bumping up your moisture routine is a must! One of the most “life-changing” tips I like to give my clients is to do a mask treatment – but to apply it on dry hair, before you even wash your hair. One of the biggest complaints women have about not using masks regularly is that they haven’t the time to sit and wait… That’s why I recommend trying a hair mask before you hit the gym or while making breakfast, saturating your hair with the product and then throwing it up or pulling it back. After some time, rinse out and shampoo – and if still needed, hit your very ends with a bit of conditioner before finishing off your wash. At least once to twice a week will do the trick to see and feel a difference. The seasonal weather change demands it! Another option for hydrating thirsty, straw-like texture is to generously apply an oil (I love something with camellia) and leave on overnight as a treatment to renew your locks. You can also use a natural oil like coconut or almond, which you probably already have in your kitchen. Give it a go!

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