Bad Weather, Great Hat Tips

Hat season is in full effect. Hats shield our hair from inclement weather, and help us preserve our hair color longer by protecting our processed locks from fading fast. They are, of course, an accessory staple. A cute hat is a great starting point for pulling an outfit together, and our favorite hat will always be the first thing we turn to in case of an emergency. Bad hair days aside let’s not forget that a hat can also be an easy styling solution for a cool look anytime. With the right tips, you can use a hat to control your hair and even prep it for a better style later. Whether you’re a snow bunny, floppy hat fan, fedora girl, or a top hat babe – our tips are coming to rescue you from the cold, in style!

winter beanie

Basic hat trick.
The perfect simple hat covers your ears and keeps you warm. To make it more stylish, take your hair to one side and create a loose braid. Apply a light hold hairspray on the braided section to set it. If you have a favorite beach spray, that will work, too. When you take off the hat, loosen the braid to reveal a slight wave in your hair with a nice texture and body.

winter hat

Go with the flow.
Flowing locks with an “undone” effect will spruce up your look on a dry, cold day. We love this choice because all you have to do is apply a dry shampoo or texturizing spray on unwashed hair to create texture. We’re hooked on “Dry” by Oribe because it offers hold while giving all hair types that sexy, texturized appearance. Remember that you want your ends a little messy, and not so perfect. Put on your choice of pommed, print, floppy, or slightly accented hat option to add in a little bit of fun while protecting your head and ears – and you’re out the door!

slouchy hat

We vouch for the slouch.
The over-sized beanie is best for thick, long hair or a curly texture. It helps to choose a hat made from a thicker, more chunky material. Take a little conditioning cream or nourishing oil to hydrate the ends before tucking the hair loosely into the hat. You can loosely scrunch your curls when placing them inside, or twist long hair in loosely for straight and wavy hair types. Once you remove the hat, simply shake out to get the fullness back.

hat and bangs

Rock out with your fringe out.
This is a great style for a wet, wintery day. Make one or two loose buns with your hair and tuck under the hat to keep the volume in. Leave your bangs outside of your hat so that the look is softer and more feminine. You can also pull out a few short pieces of hair around your face to maximize your fringe, and feeling more stylish. Those with wavy or curly hair can use a curling iron to enhance their bang look. When you remove the hat, you can easily touch up your fringe to make them lay better. Use your hand and quickly shake your bangs to the right and to the left. Take the buns out then flip your head over and shake for more volume. Always carry a light hairspray in your bag (or pack your favorite Oribe purse size option) to use before and after this step for smoothness and finish. This is the go-to option, sans knots, for pixie cuts and short crops that have some length in the bang area.

nyfw hat trend

2014’s “It” Hat.
If you’re looking to sport this year’s hot brimmed style hat, the same rules and tips above apply. We’re liking this new trend – it’s kind of a hybrid between street or safari top hat with exaggerated fedora. The large rim on these hats can conceal your hair, and give your face a good amount of coverage to protect your skin and makeup. This hat is also fabulous if you want to show off your lengths! For ways to wear the “It” hat, browse the latest collection from Kenneth Cole.


Magic under the hat.
To avoid “hat hair” and promote even prettier hair post-hat, our best secret is to spray the inside of your hat with hair spray. This prevents frizz, static, and will keep hair smooth and shaped. We recommend a product with flexible hold, and if it has the added feature of anti-humidity protection built in, it’s a keeper! For all of your hat-wearing purposes (and beyond), our pick is Oribe’s “Impermeable.” It’s an ideal substitute whenever a step calls for hairspray, such as for the braided look we mentioned. Another important tip is to apply this type of spray onto your scarf, whenever you’re wearing one. It will give hair protection and anti-static benefits. Besides, you never know when your scarf will come in handy and save you from a stormy day.

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