Become a DIY French Braid Pro And Rock Your Favorite Summer-to-Fall Looks

Gather hair at the top of your head and split into three even sections… But before we start to braid, we need to go over how you will hold your hair. You will always hold the hair in the same three positions for each hand.

jenn braid2
  • Start with the right hand (R). You will always fill the 3 positions in your right hand in this same order:

-Hold the section closest to your right hand with your pinky finger. We’ll call this section R1.
-With R2, hold the middle section between your thumb and pointer finger.
-For R3 (the last section), hold it between your middle and pointer finger.

  • When you transfer the sections to the left hand (which we will get more into later), you will fill your left hand in the same order as you did the right hand:

-You will hold the first section with your pinky. (L1)
-The second section will be held between your thumb and pointer finger. (L2)
-The third section will be held between your middle and pointer finger. (L3)

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