Become a DIY French Braid Pro And Rock Your Favorite Summer-to-Fall Looks

Next, use your right hand to gather a section from the right side of your head (just as you did with your left hand)…

jenn braid5
  • Add this section to L3 and transfer hair into your right hand just like before. L2 into R1 L3 into R2 L1 into R3
  • Repeat the process of adding hair and transferring it from one hand to the other as you work down your head. Keep as much tension as you can!
  • Once you run out of hair, continue braiding your hair until you reach the ends.
  • Secure with elastic and guess what? You did it! You’re now a pro when it comes to the classic french braid!

To style it up, we added a headband to embrace the trending retro vibe. The 70’s were a huge influence for a fabulous summer look and now we are seeing the sexy sixties explode all over fashion for fall!

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