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With men requesting shorter styles to help them keep cool (and look cool), our recommendation for best men’s hair products for summer include Oribe’s Signature Shampoo and Conditioner to give you a great start to your hair day. This best-seller gives you a healthy, shiny hair look with a nice light feel and full texture. Then, we suggest you put aside all your usual hair products and try our one go-to – Surfcomber, a waxy mousse by Oribe that is better than a pomade. In hot, humid weather a paste will melt and not hold the style but Surfcomber gives hair more control. “It stays put even on the hottest day, so it’s a product you can feel confident about!” says our salon owner and master stylist Kattia Solano.

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Stylist Taylor Brock says, “Surfcomber is a personal favorite for styling men’s hair…A little goes a long way and you can apply wet or dry. Because the name hints more towards a beachy bed-head look, it’s perfect for adding a cool texture yet also serves as a great product for the well-manicured business man because it keeps everything in place. It’s always there when you need to look on point and ensures that your style stays fresh all day!”

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