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Bohemian & Braided Butterfly Bride

A bride always has a lot to think about – but worrying about how your wedding day hair will hold up, or if the style will stay in place, shouldn’t be one of them! If you’re a bride-to-be who has always wondered if you can pull off that updo you’ve always imagined, the good news is that you can! Take Emma, our recent boho bride, as an example…

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Emma had her concerns about having the kind of hair type that was always a little on the skinny side, and if that would mean that her hair would quickly come undone. Her stylist, Kattia Solano, assured her that there were specific solutions for keeping her lengths in place. All she needed was a little extra hair support…literally! On the big day, Kattia used braid extensions to fill in the messy bun style and add volume and drama to the updo. The second trick was to use a hair sewing technique to sew the hairstyle together and safely secure it in place. Aside from the benefits of not having to use so many bobby pins – or the chance of a pin falling into your champagne glass – sewing hair into an updo allows stylists to create soft, gorgeous shapes that will remain wrapped up all night. That way you can get loose under the disco ball while feeling confident about your dance-proof ‘do. The only con is that you might need someone to help you get out of your up style!


To prep the bride’s hair, Kattia applied a generous amount of Oribe’s Dry spray from roots to ends. She then followed by setting Emma’s hair with a curling iron to create a foundation with texture. Then it was onto the braids… Kattia teased the hair and formed the shape of her wedding style, leaving the braids as decorative touches to really pull the boho vibe together. To further enhance the braided bohemian hairstyle, makeup artist and bridal beauty expert Francesca Roman chose pretty floral colors such as petal pink and violet to compliment the tones of Emma’s skin and hair. Francesca focused on a healthy complexion and creating an extra glow that would add a lovely ethereal look to the already feminine and graceful vision that was our Butterfly bride!

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The mother of the bride got her makeup and hair done, too!

Let’s not forget glamorous makeup and hair for the mother of the bride!


Groom’s awesome hair was his own masterpiece.

bride and groom

Good luck to The Scotts!!

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