Expert to Expert: New Haircut, Big Decision!

Butterfly Studio founder and master stylist Kattia Solano explains how she finally decided on the style of her new haircut (a question we all battle ourselves over from time to time) and how she chooses a stylist that will make sure her sexy haircut vision comes to life.

kattia's new haircut

I’m not sure whether being a stylist myself makes it harder or easier to find the right stylist, but I do know this… When I search for someone to execute the perfect look, there are two important qualities that I look for in a hair artist. The first is someone that will really listen to me – a stylist who asks questions, takes the time to understand what I’m going for, and even helps me connect better with what it is I really want. The process is full of struggling thoughts, and trusting someone with the responsibility of something so precious can be intimidating. That’s why the second key trait I look for in a stylist is that they aren’t afraid of change. I find this level of confidence very reassuring. Naturally, this is why I sought out fellow Butterfly Vanessa Fernandez for my next cut!

vanessa and kattia

Nine weeks after my pregnancy, I found that I was still getting used to my newfound curly texture and noticeably thicker hair. To “solve” the problem, I had been living in a ponytail. The truth was, I was in serious need of a cut that would remove weight and angle my face with a flattering shape. I’ve always felt that springtime is one of the best opportunities to reinvent yourself and I was all about a polished new look for the season. I also wanted a style that would feel fun and light. Vanessa recommended soft layers that had the versatility of being worn straight or curly…

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