Experts Nicole & Patricia on Transforming a Fashionista

In town for Fashion Week, San Francisco based beauty and fashion blogger Flor de Maria Rivera turned to Butterfly for a hair update. She was ready to go brighter for Spring, and was willing to lose a lot of length in the process. Two salon visits later, Flor now has a chic, short (but not too short) haircut created by senior stylist Nicole Descoteaux, and glowing blonde hair color perfected by Butterfly expert Patricia Ribeiro. Here’s how our technicians worked through the gorgeous makeover…


Before Shot

Stylist Nicole Descoteaux on choosing the right length:

“Flor’s haircut had no layers or angling, which contributed to a heavy and lifeless feeling for her hair. Her original thought was to go above the shoulders with a short, bob-length cut. As a stylist, I often hear my clients consider going for that drastic change, and I usually agree in favor of the bob. However, the structure of Flor’s long haircut just wasn’t at its maximum potential in this case. I felt that we didn’t have to go so short to get a light bounce back into Flor’s style, and her hair could do so much more with a new shape. At the end, we said goodbye to five inches and Flor was very happy to have been guided in a way that preserved length. She was so sweet, and a lot of fun to work with – utilizing everything a makeover can offer with a big change in cut, color and makeup. It was a complete Butterfly transformation, and that’s what we do best!”

short blonde hair nyc

Colorist Patricia Ribeiro on getting the right shade of blonde:

“Ombre is on its way out, so Flor felt it was time to part with the trend and aim for a fresh hair look that read more up-to-date ‘Kardashian.’ Latinas will usually get brassy when going for a lighter tone, so we worked on getting the burnt copper hues out first. I used a balayage highlighting method in order to achieve a beautiful blonde color with perfectly golden results. It gave her a much more natural and flattering shade of hair color!”

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