HAIRCHALK “No Worry” Hair Color Is Here!

L’Oreal’s hair chalk is awesome for people who want to try something new or fun without the commitment – and without the disappointment of immediate loss of vibrant color after the first time you shampoo. While porosity and number of shampoos will play a part in how the color lasts, I have jet black hair and even after a few washes with a foamy cleansing shampoo, it’s STILL visible in my hair! It’s slightly lighter but still totally noticeable…and my hair feels normal. That’s really amazing for a non-permanent, cosmetic color product.” – Hair Model/Stylist Amanda Colihan

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By Master Color Specialist Min Kim

How many women wear the same pair of shoes or hair style every day? For those who like endless options and perhaps bore easily, L’Oreal Professionnel’s HAIRCHALK is the answer! With five fashion and three natural shades offered, think of it as makeup for your hair…

Did you want to add a pop of color into your ponytail, as seen on the runway for Herve Leger, or a bold streak to make an updo more unique? Maybe you’re feeling indecisive about trying an ombre service or you are completely new to color? Hair Chalk can be applied onto the ends to mimic that look and give you the ability to try it out without the commitment of chemicals. And best of all – it washes out after up to ten shampoos! On pre-lightened hair, the perk is that it can last even MORE than that.

hair color chalk

The options are endless with HAIRCHALK and it can be layered on to make the tones more vibrant. Don’t worry about sweating or an unexpected rain shower as there is zero transfer with this product. You can rest assured that clothing, skin, and bedding will not be harmed! Fashionistas on the go, curious color virgins and those who like to try new things will be amazed by this fast and easy service.

If you’re the type to make hair decisions last minute or when you’re in a rush, your splash of color can be added on in as little as 15 minutes. Another thing to love about it is you can go as natural or bold as you want. Clients love having a say in how many pieces they are comfortable with and we price the service out accordingly. So you can try it once without risk or a high budget, and if you love it, come back and change it up each time by adding more pigment to your fun color, mixing a few different tones, or trying a playful placement according to your new cut or how you plan on styling your hair. Looking for inspiration? We are in love with these amazing looks by James Alvin for L’Oreal UK!

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