How To Accessorize Your Jewelry This Summer

According to Butterfly fashion expert and treasure hunter Jacqueline Lopez – aka Jaline Design – accessorizing this summer is all about colorful inspiration and accenting your outfit with embellishments oozing with both a beachy and vintage beauty vibe. Jacqueline says we are seeing a major 70’s comeback in style this year with vibrant accessories being a dominant factor on top of looks that read sexy and sleek overall. So where do we start? Our advisor’s pro tip is to dress simple and streamlined while underlining your feminine side. “The easiest way to pull that together is to embrace a one piece, such as a jumpsuit or lace dress. Then add in touches of gold and semi-precious stones like aquamarine, kaynita, or saffires in different colors.” If you had to pick just one fashion accessory to splurge on this season, Jacqueline says that cuffs are the new versatile statement piece for 2014 that should definitely be added to our wardrobes. “It’s a cool way to go bold while still achieving an effortlessly fashion forward summer look for day or night!”


For more jewelry ideas, scroll down to see some of the key selections currently on demand at the Jaline Design showroom in NYC!




– Very 70’s, gold plated unique necklace by Claudio Concato.

– Vintage chain earrings with turquoise.


– Olga Prieto’s handmade brass and sapphire polkie stone.

– Feather bangles by Avocet are great to wear as a set!

– Turquoise and gold Jacquard 60’s dress vintage.

– Snake rings by Olga Prieto look amazing when worn on each finger.



After thirteen years of working for top fashion brands such as Max Mara, Agnona, Façonnable, Jacqueline achieved a variety of roles such as sales director, visual merchandise manager and global women’s brand director. Her experience offers a well-balanced vision on both the business and design elements necessary to fulfill her current vision. Jacqueline’s inspiration behind creating Jaline Design in Mexico City specifically pertains to the lost and forgotten treasures of Latin America.
As a lifestyle curator she translates her concepts by combining emerging designers with one of a kind vintage finds. Her showroom presents an array of chic and elegant handmade designs sourced throughout Jacqueline’s constant travels. After more than a decade of sharing time between Europe and the United States she fell in love with Mexico city where she resided for two years. Currently Jacqueline is back in New York City where she has opened her dream to the public.

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