Take Hair from Day to Night with an Updo



In the morning…


Step 1:
Separate the hair into 4-5 sections on each side of the head, spraying each section with Oribe “Soft Lacquer” Heat Styling Spray.

“Most people curl haphazardly,” says Solano. “Curling in sections makes curling less chaotic.”


Step 2:
Curl the entire head. “For smooth pieces, curl away from the face.” Hold the curl until the hair feels warm, and then release.


Step 3:
Spray the head with hairspray all over. Solano used Kérastase Laque Dentelle Micro-Mist Fixing Hairspray ($35, kerastase-usa.com) while demonstrating the look in Butterfly Studio’s tutorial room (open to the public in Spring 2014).


Step 4:
With the head upside down, massage the hair to break the curls and run fingers through to make the look piecier. Curl the ends again to add more definition.


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