Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Haircare Tips During & After Pregnancy

The changes that we go through with our hair during and after pregnancy is always surprising. As a stylist, I’ve seen it all with my clients and when I experienced it for myself, it was still kind of a “wow” moment. Luckily, it’s a time you can look forward to because most women will notice better hair days while they are pregnant. Higher levels of estrogen result in less shedding, which means you can expect the feeling of thicker and fuller hair. Many women will also see their hair getting curlier or straighter. I will say that the change in hair texture can be a little overwhelming, but the good news is that you can adapt a few tricks for managing your new hair type.

moisture and control

During pregnancy, my already full head of hair became a lot thicker, and my wavy hair moved over to the curly side. That meant I had to work harder on my blow dry and learn how to style for curly hair. I amped up the moisture in my beauty routine by using a deep-conditioning hair mask at least three times a week to every time I would wash my hair. You wouldn’t think so, but the kind of shampoo you are using also plays a crucial role. My favorite is Oribe’s Intense Moisture & Control. It’s very hydrating and really great for taming frizz. I also turned to Oribe for the styling staples I needed to embrace my curly texture while managing the unruly hair. I was using Supershine Moisturizing Cream and Aprè Beach Wave Spray religiously because I loved the feel, smell, and look of my hair. The combination gave my curls a really nice shine with just the right amount of hold and definition.

oily hair shampoo

Some women will find that their hair gets oily at the roots during their term. This is caused by a stimulating hormone called androgen, which increases oil in the hair and skin. You should address this right away by changing your shampoo. I recommend Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil shampoo to balance out any impurities. The oil-to-foam formula is very gentle and really works to keep greasy hair away without drying it out. I also like Kerastase Cristalliste for fine hair which is light yet moisturizing. Long hair will love it. Even in the hot summer months, it’s a great option to help rid unwanted oily hair while encouraging a good blow out to last for days. The pretty, feminine scent also helps!

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