Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Happy Pregnant Feet

The feet are one part of the body that you have to take care of more with pregnancy. Our feet begin feeling all of those extra pounds as we gain weight, and oh how we feel it! Not only is it uncomfortable but it might even make you think that you’re bigger than you really are. Whether it happens early or later in your pregnancy, it is very common for most women to experience swollen feet, ankles, and even hands. The proper term for this is called edema, which is the process of excess fluid collecting in our tissues. We retain more water and changes in our blood’s chemistry also causes fluid to accumulate. The good news? You really shouldn’t let it worry you because it WILL pass. Also, there are things you can do to relieve the sensation and lighten things up. No need to add it to your stress list – here are some easy pregnancy foot care tips that really help!

1. Wear comfortable, wider shoes.
2. Don’t wear anything tight around your ankles.
3. If you’re someone like me that stands all day, change your shoes twice a day.
4. As much as you can, find any way to put your legs up during the day.
5. Drink water, and lot’s of it, throughout the day. You might think it’s overrated, but it’s not!
6. Stay away from too much sodium or white carbs.
7. Drink more water! You will feel so much better if you do, so do yourself a favor and drink up.
8. If your feet are very swollen, take a bath or soak them in warm water as soon as you get home. Apply a gentle message. (Hopefully your husband will give you a foot rub!) Then, lift them up while you rest for about 15 minutes. Do this every day.
9. At home maintenance and callus care. See below for instructions.
10. And finally, what every girl loves to hear… Taking care of your feet means more pedicures more often! When you’re giving so much, it’s a great way to pamper yourself. It will help you feel better in so many ways. I love going to Tenoverten nail spa in Manhattan – they fully pamper you and consistently do a beautiful job. Plus, their technicians love to get creative!

foot file

When you are carrying extra weight, your feet tend to feel tight and build more calluses. You will want to buy a foot file to help remove them. My favorite is by Diamancel, which you can find it at Sephora. (Their brand also makes a good one, by the way.) Address your calluses twice to three times a week on dry feet. You can sit on the toilet and work with one foot at a time – or better yet, stand up and put the foot that you are working on atop the toilet seat. I personally found this to be the most comfortable position. Keep the seat open so the dry skin falls right in. Take your file and gently file your heel, the ball of your foot, and underneath the toes. Especially the big toe. Once you have passed the file a few times, it should start to feel smoother. Rinse with warm water and apply a thick moisturizer like shea butter or coconut oil. Put on some socks right after to hold in the moisture. At this point, your feet will feel 100 times better! Keep up with this method to loosen up the tightness and soothe discomfort. Happy feet equals happy mommy!

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