Kattia’s Mommy Diary: The “Go Bag”

Well, this is a new term for me! Packing a “To-Go Bag” for the hospital was the last thing on my mind, despite the reminders I would often get from my husband about thinking ahead for a smooth delivery day. This is when I love him even more… He is always prepared and mindful of every little detail, even when I’m not! Eventually, I caved in to the thoughtful pressure and did a little research. I began reading many of the different lists out there, and when I started thinking about it in real terms, I felt overwhelmed. My hubby was right! Why didn’t I think about it sooner?!

When clarity finally came to me, it was simple. Choose items that will make you feel good. What I’m packing are the essentials that help me feel comfortable and pretty – and now that bag is starting to look more like a suitcase!! With less than two weeks to go, I’ve learned that having the perfect “Go Bag” is important, and that it requires some thought. I understand now why most people recommend getting a bag together when you are about 8 months along. It’s so you’re always ready, even if you deliver early. Another thing you should know – you will not only need a bag for yourself, but also for your partner and your baby!

Read on for Kattia’s beauty list and what to pack for your delivery >>

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