Kattia’s Mommy Diary: The “Go Bag”



  • Your favorite warm and cozy robe.
  • Two night gowns or over-sized T-shirts that are cozy and loose fitting. Don’t forget a button-down if you plan to breast feed.
  • One warm sweater.
  • A few pair of socks that feel comfortable and that you don’t mind walking around in.
  • Full size underwear. I know – I had to go shopping for a few nice, comfy pairs because I never wear full size undies. (Love the CosaBella set found at Hatch Collection!)
  • Sanitary pads. I have been told to bring your own instead of using the hospital pads… Yikes!
  • Maternity bras and nursing pads (because that job that starts right away).
  • Hard candy to suck on during labor.
  • You will be drinking lots of water! Bring a flavored variety or coconut water to keep you happy and hydrated.
  • Music to help you relax. I’ve created a playlist with Reggae, Disco, Latin and Pitbull. I will probably drive the nurses crazy with my choices!
  • A loose-fitting outfit to going home in. Choose from your maternity clothes because it takes the belly some time to go down.
  • Cord blood kit.
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