Kattia’s New Look: The Curly Side

Did you catch the sleek new haircut Kattia Solano has been sporting lately? As it turns out, the chic cut looks just as good with some texture! Here are Kattia’s easy steps for embracing sexy curls…

To ensure the best results of your style, the first step is to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Wavy and curly hair (like mine) is always easier to manage when hydrated, so it’s imperative to use a moisturizing haircare line. When you want to embrace more of a flirty look with a full mane of fun curls, be careful not to choose the same products as you would for a sleek look. Instead, cleanse and condition with a lighter formula that’s not as smoothing. I love using Rahua, which gives the right amount of shine and control while promoting natural texture. Make sure to leave a dime size of conditioner in your hair for softness – I know it sounds strange, but it will benefit your curly look!


After the shower, comb through wet hair with a detangling brush (this is where the small dollop of conditioner comes in). The Tangle Teezer is my favorite for detangling strands wet and dry because the teeth are extra gentle on the hair. (This makes it an incredible option for pain-free brushing on kid’s hair, too!) Then, wrap towel around hair to absorb excess moisture for about 10 minutes. Next, gently apply a leave-in conditioner such as Shu Uemura “Essence Absolue Cream” to help nourish and protect hair long after drying.

kattia curly hair

Follow with a styling product that will give a little hold. My go-to for a wavy look is Oribe’s “Cream for Style” to give curls definition and structure. Set with pins to create waves and a huge pin curl. Allow to dry as long as you can naturally. If not, use a hair dryer on the lowest setting. Next comes the fun step! Create a hair part as desired and use a texturizing spray generously from roots to ends. For me, it’s all about “Après Beach” spray by Oribe! Don’t forget to flip your head over and spray the underneath area. Last step is to gently shake your waves out to create more volume. Done!

(PS – I snagged that gorgeous gold necklace over at Jaline Design!)

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