Keep Skin Beautiful Year-Round With Natural Suncreen

Summer isn’t the only time to think about sunscreen. Whether it’s hot or cold out, protecting your skin is a daily practice, and should be as routine as it is for the sun to rise every day! Even on cloudy days, we are exposed to the aging effects of the sun’s rays, which is even more reason to get serious about SPF. First off, not all sunscreen is created equal. We recommend choosing a mineral-based sunscreen because it has less chemicals and is gentle on the skin. They don’t leave the skin with a chalky residue, and are great for those of us with sensitive skin types. They are even better for the environment, including being more safe for the oceans we swim in!


One of the most surprising ways to find a better sunscreen option is to look in the baby supplies aisle. That’s where Butterfly founder and master stylist Kattia Solano discovered TrueBaby “Everyday Play” – an all-natural mineral sunscreen with SPF30+ strength. Kattia says, “I loved the way it smelled when I was using it on my baby girl, and it was so easy to apply. I also started using it myself because if it’s good for her, I know it’s good for me, too!” With organic ingredients like pomegranate juice and jojoba oil, the zinc oxide formula is perfect for year-round protection (without hurting the environment). Another important feature is that it offers “broad spectrum” protection. You always want to look for a product that will block both UVA and UVB rays.


Most of us know to always apply sunscreen on the face, neck, and chest. “Brands like TrueBaby and La Roche-Posay – another favorite of mine – do not cause my skin to break out and they are light enough to apply makeup over,” says Kattia. Don’t forget to also apply on your hands and feet, especially during sandal season or when wearing open-toed shoes – or even when you’re running errands in a pair of flip-flops. We want to keep all of these areas protected from getting winkles and other blemishes. What you can see is not often all there is to see!

Watch this video to see what our skin (and using sunscreen) really looks like under the sun!

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