Two Awesome New Products for Dry Hair by Kérastase

With the relaunch of the new and improved Nutritive line by Kérastase, come two new products to stop the feeling of “2nd day hair.” Have you noticed the feeling of dryness reappear “too soon” after your beauty routine? Well, your hair deserves to shine for more than a few hours… Now there’s something you can use to make sure your strands stays hydrated – whether you’re getting a blow out at the salon or styling at home. We always like to say that the perfect blow dry is one that makes hair look even better the next day. Here’s why these just-launched products, using the “Iris Royal Complex,” can help you get there.


TOUCHE PERFECTION – “The most addictive addition”

The first on-the-go nourishment for dry ends, that’s not meant to be left at home. Apply on wet hair to give hair nutrition from roots to ends before styling. As a finishing touch on dry hair, it shields the ends of the hair any time of the day, just like a lip balm. Its formula combines the “Iris Royal Complex” with a polymer to enhance manageability and keep ends under control. As a bonus, it contains UV-filters against sun exposure. (You always want to make sure your leave-in conditioner offers protection!)

Technique: Warm up a small amount between your fingers. Gently apply to ends, allowing the natural heat from your hands to soften and smooth hair whenever, wherever. Repeat anytime to wrap hair with nourishment and tame ends for instant strand-satisfaction.


IMMERSION NUTRITIVE: “The most replenishing nutrition”

Extreme dryness now has a new enemy – a pre-shampoo treatment to replenish dry, parched hair. Pre-cleansing your hair before the shampoo is a new ritual to try in your regimen for fast, effective nourishing care. This product pre-treats the hair, preparing it to be more “receptive,” and therefore makes products that follow work better. We recommend choosing a moisturizing haircare line for best results.

Technique: Apply on dry or slightly damp hair only. Use your hands to gently apply the product onto the entire length of the hair and saturate. You will feel the infusion melt onto the fiber of your hair – as though hugging it, and giving it that much needed TLC! Rinse off and shampoo (apply a little conditioner on the ends, only if needed to help brush through). With its sorbet-like texture, your strands will feel relaxed, supple, and replenished.

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