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Pin It And Win It (With Short Hair Or A Ponytail)

We’ve got to give it up for Zac Posen. During Fashion Week last year, his runway models unveiled the most brilliantly simple idea for hair accessories. Bobby pins! That’s right – your run-of-the-mill, inexpensive, pharmacy-bought hair pins are now the only thing you’ll need to turn a basic hair style into a glamorous night out look. And what makes this 2014 hair trend even better is that it will only cost you about $3!

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Butterfly senior stylist Nicole Descoteaux says the biggest benefit of working in a few basic bobbies into your look takes all of the fuss out of perfecting your actual ‘do. “The pins save any lack of a styling touch, so you don’t have to worry about the actual look of the hair.” As you can imagine, this is exactly why it’s been a popular pairing for this year’s cropped cuts and shorter hair trends. Be random and playful with your placement or try criss-crossing the pins to create a unique design. Whether you stick to a pack of basic black bobby pins, or spend a little extra for a few embellished options, it’s the easiest to go glam. One of Nicole’s favorite ways to wear this fun hair idea is to pair it with a sleek ponytail, as pictured below.

nicole descoteaux

“This is essentially a sexy pulled back pony where the pins take all of the pressure off of keeping the sides perfect.” Nicole also styled it her pinned ponytail with a chic middle part and a slightly wet look hair texture for an extra cool, sultry look. Here are her tips to recreate it…

Blow dry your hair with body and concentrate mainly on the lengths of the hair. Don’t worry about volume at the roots. Use a gel like “Forme Fatal” by Kerastase and apply the product from roots to about mid-shaft. Spread your fingers apart and literally rake your hair back and away from the face with your hand. Keeping some texture in the hair, pull it back into a low ponytail and fasten. Take your choice of fun bobby pins (Nicole loves shiny black or bronze for a more sophisticated, subdued style) and place, starting above the ears and working all the way back to the beginning of the ponytail. You can create your own design by criss-crossing pins or by using a few oversized pins for a more minimal look. Follow up with a spray like Oribe’s “Shine” light reflecting spray for luster, using it generously to give hair a more mirror-like, wet look finish. The combination creates a style that you can dress up or down and wear out anywhere!

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