Platinum Fix – A Color Transformation

We are all about DIY beauty, but box hair color is one thing that we as professionals always stress to stay away from. A touch-up here and there or that emergency situation that requires at-home or away-from-home coloring is understandable… However, doing so consistently often only adds up to damage, uneven color depositing, and inconsistent results. The good news is there is always a way to iron out these issues and get hair into better shape. When someone walks through our doors feeling that enough is enough, we are excited for the opportunity to offer our guidance and turn disadvantages into shiny, swoon-worthy strands!


All it takes is a consultation to better weigh out your options and get that honest analysis about your current hair state (which only a pro can give!). That’s exactly what happened when a bleached blonde NYC college student came by the salon seeking corrective help. She admitted to doing her hair herself, and as a result, was struggling with a lot of breakage on top, dull color, and overgrown roots in the back. Butterfly color expert Patricia Nigro knew exactly what was needed to even things out and make her blonde mane happy again!

“Overlapping color through at-home application is a common error which causes breakage. In my client’s case, she was also missing random pieces in the back! I recommended a Kérastase FusioDose reparative treatment to strengthen her fine hair and create a stronger seal for beautiful, lasting color. We gently bleached the roots along with some of the back lengths to even out the missing patches and bring her shade up to bright and pretty platinum.” – Patricia

platinum blonde platinum blonde platinum blonde platinum blonde
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