The Inspiration behind “Kattia’s Mommy Diaries”

Any day now, I’m due to give birth! I’ve learned that being pregnant inspires new thoughts and ideas like never before. Along the way, you’re told stories from everyone you meet, and you learn that there’s always more to learn… I find myself with a new outlook these days, practicing new habits and thinking differently. And once the baby is born, I know there will be more of everything! Since it’s all so fresh, I feel it’s the perfect time to get personal and share some of the knowledge I’ve discovered about expecting.

For 20 years I’ve been behind a chair, listening to the wonderful advice of women and their experience with being a mother. These are stories of life, struggle and of joy – including some details I might not have needed to hear. One thing I can say with certainty is that we all have different bodies and therefore unique experiences; from our skin, hairs, internal processes – and let’s not forget the hormones! We all react differently. At the end of our journey, we have one special thing in common, motherhood. Even when the baby is not yet born, feelings from mental to physical begin to materialize. You learn to see things in a different light from the strong bond that’s created and it really connects you with the meaning of being protective. We develop the desire to want to learn better ways of taking care of ourselves and how to protect our families.

What I strongly feel is that you should never, ever neglect yourself throughout the journey. The better you feel, the better everyone around you feels. I’ve found that a great pregnancy has everything to do with feeling happy and having the right attitude, as it does with making healthy, safe choices. My story is that of a woman in her 40’s, who is feeling truly lucky to live out the blessing of having a baby – and I’m telling it through a series of posts and tips called, “Kattia’s Mommy Diaries.” Because taking care of yourself starts with the small things…

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