Products for Nailing a Red Lip + Cat Eye Makeup

At Butterfly, we always offer a complimentary makeup touch-ups to anyone making a change! One of our favorite “pick me up” go-tos for any woman has always been finding a complimentary shade of red on the lips and pairing it with a cat eye. It’s a classic, easy, and quick look anyone can pull off. That’s why we’re always looking for a new idea to revamp this staple and new products to get us there. On this pretty face, our senior celebrity makeup artist Francesca Roman used some of her favorite daily essentials by Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. One of her tricks to spice things up is to take a highlighter or white shimmery shadow and draw a line directly above the stroke of eyeliner (going along with the length) to call more attention to the eyes. With this kind of makeup look, she recommends going a little heavier when wiggling on mascara onto our top lids – especially when transitioning from day to night. Francesca always likes to add in a couple of well-placed individual falsies to thicken and enhance the playful look of dark, fluttery lashes.

The Makeup Details

Face: Liquid Airbrush Foundation

Concealer: The Sensual Skin Enhancer in #7

Eyes: Precision Liquid Liner Pen in black

Lipliner: Flesh Tone Lip Pencil in “Cerise”

Lip & Cheek Color: The Creamy Glow in “Patrice”

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