Rahua – The All Natural Hair Treatment We’re Loving

Whenever there’s a change in the weather, we always recommend considering a change up in your beauty regimen. As huge treatment enthusiasts already, we’re feeling uber excited about this all natural hair treatment option by Rahua! It doesn’t fall short on delivering those high quality, noticeable results needed for our thirsty hair – and we’re impressed! Even our treatment specialist Taylor Brock is raving… Grown and sourced directly from the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the key ingredient to thank is Ungurahua oil. For anyone looking to rebuild their hair but stay away from chemicals, this in-salon treatment duo offers immediate restorative results that turns damage and dryness into shiny hair that’s silky to the touch. We’re loving it for anyone with highlighted hair, or for coarse textures seeking a softening effect. Frizzy, kinky, or damaged hair can find lasting results thanks to the benefits of the amount of omega-9 rich oil found in this two step process. The combination of creamy hair mask and concentrated oil elixir weightlessly nourishes, while promoting protection and strengthening… so you really cannot go wrong with trying it, even just once! However, keep up with it (per your expert technician’s recommendation), and you’ll see hair regeneration from scalp to roots to ends!

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