Makeup Inspiration: Sexy, “Spring Fling” Skin

Make “Spring Fling” your beauty inspiration this season! If you’re shopping for some sexy new makeup, Butterfly expert artist Francesca Roman recommends choosing a flirty range of pinks and bold orange tones – as illustrated in the image of her handmade mood board below. Mix and match hot and pastel pinks for a pretty palette – or make a splash with an accent of juicy or burnt orange, with or without a hint of pink blended in. The key is to create the perfect balance of sweet and spicy shades, so have some fun with different color combinations on your lips, cheeks, and eyelids. To really nail this flirtatious look, add in a little spice by pairing your accented features with slightly bronzed, warm honey skin. Try a dusting of coppery orange shadow or sweep baked bronzer onto areas that would naturally be kissed by the sun.


“Clients always want to know what I do to maintain my youthful appearance… The answer is beauty spring cleaning, which is what I like to call the process of regularly detoxing the skin from the inside out. My go-tos for the upkeep of fresh, dewy skin are drinking green juices (at least weekly, but once a day is best if possible), ginger tonic shots, and at-home facials once to twice a week using the complete skincare system by esthetician Joanna Vargas. She’s got a huge following from NYC to Hollywood, and her products are my absolute favorite secret to share with anyone looking to go from drab to glowy and beautiful quickly.” -Francis (@soniaestelle on Instagram)

francesca roman
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