Fun Spring & Summer Hairstyle Trends To Try

Now that Spring has sprung, we’re all looking for a new way to shine in the sun! In comes Butterfly’s fashion-savvy stylist Vanessa Fernandez with her list of favorite hair statements to wear this season…


retro quaff
The Retro Quaff
Here’s a way to wear sexy pin up hair in a more modern way. Whether you dress it up or down is up to you. Start with clean, curly hair prepped with either a full blow out or by using your favorite hair-plumping product and styling with a curling iron. Structure a playful swoop with your hand and spray generously for hold. You can also use a pin in the back to secure – just remember to camouflage it. The last step is to break up those coiled curls and loosen them into soft, tousled waves for a nice balance.

Feminine Fly-away Braid
This style can be paired up with almost anything this spring. Start with natural hair or next day hair. Add some texture by using a dry shampoo or texturizing spray like Oribe “Dry” between hair sections to create more tousle. Make your braid (standard or fishtail) on the tighter side and after securing, loosen it up. Add a spritz of hairspray like Shu Uemura’s “Sheer Lacquer” for a matted look. Gently pull out some soft pieces from the front and sides of the face to make it a bit messier.

sleek hair
Sexy, Slick Hair
My favorite this season is the sleek hair look because it exposes the beauty of the female face. If you plan on turning heads, rock this half-done style with a dressier outfit and accent your favorite face feature with bold makeup. Use a small amount of light gel and blow dry. The product is what will help keep the structure and add a shine finish. Push back your hair with your hand to direct your style. Spray in some Oribe Light Reflecting Spray to top it off for an extra shiny look.

sleep ponytail
Smooth, Straight Ponytails
A simple staple for spring and summer that’s still super “in” right now. This year, it’s all about finding a way to glam it up by accessorizing your pony. To perfect the smoothness of the hair, use a combination of soft gels such as Oribe Gel serum with versatile styling oils for shine like Kerastase Elixir Ultime. Accessorize with ponytail cuffs, fabric wraps, or headbands. For basics and cool seasonal choices, check out the options by France Luxe/ L. Erickson (some of which we have on hand at Butterfly).

mermaid waves
Mermaid Waves
We are seeing a lot of full, free-flowing hair and American Hustle inspired bouncy, volume-loving looks on trend. The mermaid wave is an easy go-to. Long, lusty lengths can be achieved by twisting hair sections into two pieces, creating a rope-like look. Blow dry twisted sections and work through your entire head. Let hair cool completely before shaking out. If needed, emphasize random sections with a 1 1/4 ” clip-less iron.

the crop
The Crop
This year’s most requested haircut finally has us in love with the idea of going short. From pixies, bobs, lobs, and choppy, boyish hair – a shorter cut is what’s hot this season. Women are looking for a liberating cropped style that makes them feel edgy yet feminine. Short hair is popular because it’s a bold statement made easy. More and more, we are realizing just how versatile a shorter length actually is by playing with different hair parts, and trying fun and textured styles vs sleek and strong looks. The wet hair look is a top trend right now and it’s one of the most fashionable ways to wear the crop this year.

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