Summer Makeup Tips from Francesca Roman

“Who said red lipstick is just for nighttime? Adding in a daily pop of color can be as easy as trying on a new shade of bright crimson on your lips!” Butterfly’s master makeup artist Francesca Roman is always inspiring us with her beauty ideas – and now she’s doing it on her Instagram, too! Next time you’re feeling bored with your makeup routine, consider adding in any of the fun tips below to help guide you to a beautiful, summery look!


Summer style must-haves include bold lips, groomed eyebrows, and dewy-skin foundation application. An accent of a little color on bottom with defined brows on top enhance features to create an overall minimal makeup look focusing on the natural beauty of the face. “It’s a quick and easy touch up for my clients when on the run.” Francesca’s favorites include Kevyn Aucoin’s “Liquid Airbursh Foundation” with “Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting,” and “The Precision Brow Pencil.” Pro Tip – Brush out brows after applying product for a softer look.

The summer season demands a new kind of smoky eye. You can skip the charcoal black and still get that smoky eyed effect without using dark colors. “Try bronze shimmer shadows instead. Loose, pressed, or cream textures are a great way to keep the look sultry!” A bronze eye shadow is a sleek and smoldering choice… the right hue can give your eyelids a glossy, slightly wet appearance.

If eyelash extensions or false eyelash strips are not for you, try a different approach… Individual Eyelashes! “It’s every makeup artist’s secret for a more natural, full lash look.” They come in small, medium, and large sizes and are just as fun and flirty as they are subtle. “You can get your lashes sized up by a pro in just a few short minutes. The great thing about the service is we can customize the lashes to a level you’re completely comfortable with.” Plus, they stay on better!

The number one rule for a great eye makeup look is having a good brow to frame it. You’ll actually need less makeup if your brows are well defined! “Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes… but it’s up to experts like me to keep them naturally pretty and well groomed. All brows should be shaped to look fuller and be tailored to you!”

The change of weather means it’s time to go shopping for a few new additions to your makeup bag – and the warmer climate means it’s time to take it up a notch! “It’s all about shimmer and bronzed, glossy skin right now. And don’t forget the bright and metallic liquid liners to add a little summer dazzle!” Francesca’s new purchases include goodies from NARS cosmetics and Urban Decay.

Are you a fan of trying on-trend colors like light golds and greens? Tip – Use loose shimmer powders (alone or layer on top) to create a luminescent and sheer veil across eyelids. My go-to for sparkling eyes are “Citrine” and “Jade” by Kevin Aucoin.

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